Satya (truthfulness): what to do

SATYANext in the yamas is Satya or truthfulness. Unchangeable. That which has no distortion. That which is beyond the distinctions of time, space and person. That which pervades the Universe in all its constancy.

Satya is the benevolent use of words and mind for the welfare of others. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali say, “when one is firmly established in speaking the truth, the fruits of action become subservient to him” –or, when you focus on your true nature and what you really want to become, you will spark in action and the results will undoubtedly mirror what you want. Or, you will attract into your life what you’re meant to attract.

It means, mainly, be true to yourself. It’s more than just not lying to yourself, Satya is about finding the core of our being.

It means, as well, don’t gossip. Don’t lie to others.

In our asana practice, just as well as in life, we must identify our shortcomings and challenge our bodies in order to grow. But we must be aware of where we are standing, listen to our bodies and then talk back perceptively, and push our limit a little further. Satya is about that moment when you will hold a second longer Utpluthih, because you know you’ve been a bit of a slacker.

This week of Satya will be about finding my deep and true reasons behind my words and everything I do –the daily double Nutella sandwich is still a “just because!”. Leave me alone on that one-. It will be about carefully choosing my words when talking to others, and about pushing that Urdhva Dandasana.